General Orthopaedics

At NEO, our knowledgeable physicians are highly experienced in treating a variety of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions such as fractures, sprains, and osteoarthritis. We work closely with other physicians and therapists to ensure quality care for our patients.

Using the latest technology, including on-site digital X-rays, we evaluate and provide treatment for your orthopaedic condition. We also offer viscosupplementation injections (Synvisc-One®) for pain relief from osteoarthritis of the knee.

 Commonly seen orthopaedic ailments include:

Orthopaedic procedures our doctors offer include: 

We work closely with other physicians to ensure quality care for our patients. If you have an injury or fracture, we will attempt to render care for you as soon as possible. With years of combined experience in both trauma and sports medicine, we are your best choice for managed orthopaedic care in North Mississippi.

For prompt, thorough evaluation and treatment of any general orthopaedic conditions, call us at North East Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine in Tupelo today at (662) 377-6700. You can also arrange an appointment using our online request form.

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