After Surgery

When your orthopaedic surgery is completed, your doctor at North East Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine will provide specific instructions to you in terms of eating, showering, and performing other daily tasks. In general, we suggest the following to help ensure a safe and speedy recovery:


After your orthopaedic surgery, your doctor will likely recommend physical therapy to help facilitate your recovery.

Physical therapy can help restore motion and strength to the area of surgery, as well as reduce pain. If you had surgery on your hand or wrist, you will be referred to a hand therapist who has specialized training in hand rehabilitation. In addition to your physical or hand therapy sessions, you will also receive instructions for at-home exercises to help you continue strengthening and healing.

If you have any questions regarding your instructions or recovery after surgery, give us a call at North East Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine in Tupelo, Mississippi at (662) 377-6700 and we’ll gladly answer your questions.